Welcome to Becoming a Momma…on your own terms.

Because mommas, that’s exactly what we’re doing here.

Before kids, I always knew I wanted to start my own business (I even tried my hand at a few!) so that I could design life my way and stay home with my kiddos.

In late 2015, I became pregnant with my first daughter and that’s when those goals and dreams really started to kick me in the, um, bum.

It was really easy to dream about creating my ideal mom life but now I was going to have to actually do it.

So, I scoured the web, sure I was going to find that resource that would guide me through becoming a mom and designing the life I envisioned.

Big problem – I didn’t find it.

Surely, I couldn’t be the only mom feeling this way?

Here’s what I was feeling (see if any of these resonate with you!):

✿ I knew I never wanted to return to work after the birth of my daughter.

✿ I wanted to be around for my kid’s lives.

✿ While I loved the idea of being around for my kids, I also knew that I needed to do something for me so that I didn’t lose my creativity.

✿ Knowing I needed to contribute financially to our family income.

Basically, I was looking for a plan of action that would guide me through my pregnancy and show me exactly how to build the life I’d been envisioning.

But I didn’t find it, so I created it.

Becoming a Momma is designed to empower moms to create life on their terms…starting at the beginning and progressing with how yourself living your life.

Here’s what you will find: 

✿ Pregnancy advice from real life experience, instead of the canned info you see everywhere. (Momma – this is not medical advice though, okay? If you’re ever concerned with how your pregnancy is progressing please consult a medical professional).

✿ How to transition into mom life without losing it.

✿ How to start planning your business while you’re pregnant (mommas – that’s the time to get the ball rolling) or how to start at all.

✿ Where to find the motivation to keep chasing your dreams.

✿ How to make sure the time you dedicate to your business pays off.

✿ How to live on one income if you need to while you’re building.

✿ How to save money so you don’t feel like you’re going broke.

✿ How to balance it all.