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The second trimester of pregnancy is the best one, momma.

I like to call weeks 13 to 28 the “get stuff done” time of pregnancy.

It’s also the trimester where you feel more like yourself – morning sickness clears up (typically), you have energy all of a sudden and an appetite that makes you wonder how you had any food aversions in the first place.

Think of the second trimester this way – it’s go time with a mix of pampering and taking breaks, okay?

Now is the time to do the more “labor intensive” tasks (stuff you won’t have the energy for in the third trimester) and cross off as much of your getting ready for baby to do list as possible.

So, momma, let’s take a look at what should be on your second trimester to do list.

Important Things To Do In The Second Trimester

to do list in the second trimester


You’re in the clear, momma – keeping your news to yourself might have felt hard during the first trimester but now it’s time to get the word out.

If you haven’t already, share your news with friends and extended family.

Need some help coming up with the right pregnancy announcement?

Check out this article for inspiration.


During the second trimester, you’ll kick into full get ready for baby mode and that means it’s time to set up your baby registry.

You have a couple of options for where to register:

  1. MyRegistry.com – allows you to add items from different websites onto the same registry. Using the service is perfect for mommas who like to actually see products before adding them, simply download the app and scan the barcode to add.
  2. Amazon’s Baby Registry – while you can’t add products in the store, you can add items from all over the web PLUS get 15% off registry must-haves that you don’t receive. Need some big ticket items? Amazon lets your friends and family pool their money together to make that purchase all while getting a whopping 90-day return option.

With today’s online capabilities, you can make things much easier on yourself and your loved ones!


No matter how and where you decide to give birth, you should take a prenatal course to get ready and the second trimester is the perfect time to plan these things since you’ll be feeling your best.

The great thing is, you no longer have to venture to the hospital or birthing center to learn about labor, delivery and

Here are a few online courses you should consider taking:

Online Prenatal Course for Couples – I took this course when I was pregnant with my first daughter and I loved it because I could take it from the comfort of my home on MY schedule. Plus who wouldn’t want to take the advice from a labor nurse who has been in the delivery room for over 16 years?

Mama Natural Birthing Course – I had an epidural the first time around but I’ve been researching natural pain relief methods as I prepare for the birth of my second daughter. I’m currently working my way through Mama Natural’s course and so far it has me confident that I CAN deliver naturally. If you’ve ever wanted a natural birth, momma, then this course is worth looking at.

Learn my tips for managing labor pain naturally here.

The Postpartum Cure – You might wonder why I’ve included a postpartum recovery course in a post about items that should be on your second trimester to do list and I hear you. The problem is, I see so many mommas who DO NOT prepare themselves for proper healing after birth. Did you know childbirth is considered an injury to your body? Um, kinda makes sense right? I mean IT IS the biggest thing your body has been through soooo. Check out The Postpartum Cure to see if it’s right for you – I’m a member so hope to see you in the community!

Like I said before, preparing for labor, delivery and postpartum during your second trimester is smart, momma. So don’t worry if you think it may be early, it isn’t!


During the second trimester, you’ll have an anatomy ultrasound and diabetes test so make sure to get those things scheduled.

The anatomy scan may not sound like fun but it is when you can find out the baby’s sex, which brings me to…


It’s entirely up to you whether or not you find out the sex of your baby but I have to tell you that no matter when you find out the joy of finding out is the same.

Finding out during your second trimester helps plan what items you’ll put on your baby registry.


You’ve probably started noticing your belly growing and while it’s pretty exciting, it also means you need to get something in place to help with stretch marks.

There are many stretch mark creams on the market (this is one of the best) but it’s pretty expensive especially for mommas who are on a baby budget.

The good news is there you can save money and minimize stretch marks by using organic extra virgin coconut oil.

I used coconut oil during my first pregnancy and I have NO stretch marks on my belly…NONE.

(If you want proof shoot me an email and I’ll send you a pic, haha!)

Where I made a mistake was not putting the oil on my hips that also widened in preparation for birth.

It just didn’t cross my mind until about the last month of my pregnancy and, when I realized, I started spreading the coconut oil love to my hips.

Momma – I only have faint stretch marks on my hips!

So, you don’t need an expensive stretch mark cream, okay?

And, momma, I cannot guarantee coconut oil will work for you but I think it’s a viable alternative to more expensive stretch mark creams (that also can’t guarantee no stretch marks, btw).

Healthy Things To Do During Your Second Trimester


You may have started going to be earlier during your first trimester but if you haven’t you need to start.

You know all of that advice to get as much sleep as you can before your baby arrives?

It’s given for a reason by people who have been there before you.

Plus, if you’re suffering from pregnancy-related fatigue (which can plague you the entire time you’re pregnant) you’re doing yourself a huge favor by gettings some extra sleep.

The idea is to go to bed at an earlier time consistently and wake up at about the same time every day as well.

The body loves routine and does it’s best on good, dependable sleep.


Yoga is good to practice if you’re pregnant or not but pregnancy is a great time to start.

Yoga reduces stresses, is easy on your body, builds strength, stretches you, and reduces stress.

I started taking yoga seriously during my first pregnancy and I think it was a real lifesaver.

I suffered from hip pain (okay, pains of all kinds) during pregnancy and I found relief through yoga.

It also did wonders for my mental health – instead of stressing at the changes in my body, I relaxed and accepted things as they came.

Less stress during pregnancy is priceless.

And, momma, you don’t need an expensive yoga studio membership – I found a lot of awesome free videos on YouTube.

What To Avoid Doing During the Second Trimester


It almost seems unfair that pregnant women need to restrict their caffeine intake but, alas, it’s true.

Truthfully, you can only consume one large cup (or 200mg) of coffee per day.

What I see a lot of mommas forget is that caffeine isn’t just in teas and coffees but also in chocolate.

Be mindful of how much caffeine you’re truly getting, okay?

(Thankfully, pregnancy is only 9 months, haha!)


I know you’ve seen this advice already.

But, you may find the second trimester a hard time not to eat for two and I hear you, momma.

The key is finding healthy ways to manage any cravings you have.

In my own pregnancies (both girls, I might add!) I’ve craved sweets like crazy.

So, instead of always giving myself permission to have a piece of cake or pick up two-bite brownies (the struggle is real, momma), I actually make a lot of fruit smoothies and make sure to add avocados – which can make things taste chocolaty.

The point is, you aren’t eating for two and the extra weight gain will not be worth it, trust me.


Pregnant mommas shouldn’t be in anything that brings your body temperature above 102.2 degrees and that’s what hot tubs can do.

Hot tubs are also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so it doesn’t make sense to sit in that, you know?


You may love your high heels but pregnancy is a time to give them a break.

The last thing you need is to set yourself up for a bad fall.


Pregnancy is not the time to attend events that can potentially stress you out.

Never mind, there isn’t ever a time to participate in these events or situations so I guess that means pregnancy is a great time to learn how to say no.

Baby To Do List

what to get done during the second trimester of your pregnancy


There are many apps that can help you track your baby’s development every week during your pregnancy so if you haven’t yet downloaded one, get on it momma.

Then comment and let me know what week you’re on and what fruit is being used for the size of your baby 🙂


The second trimester is the time to sit down and start writing your birth plan.

Who will you want with you?

Where do you envision giving birth?

Do you have any religious requirements?

There are a lot of questions to answer so get started now.

(I will note that your birth plan should be viewed as a guideline that isn’t set in stone – birth can be a very unpredictable thing so you should “plan” on doing everything that will safely bring your baby into this world.


Planning your baby’s nursery is a lot of fun AND work so it’s a great idea to check this task off your second trimester to do list.

Start by choosing a paint color and getting the walls painted so that you can move onto furniture and decor.

(Make sure YOU aren’t the one who actually paints the room, okay momma?)


Shopping for nursery furniture can be exhausting especially if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Start the task during your second trimester to give yourself lots of time to find the perfect pieces.


I remember my friends telling me not to worry too much about decluttering and moving harmful things out of rooms because we had lots of time before the baby would be on the move.

But I tell you, momma, it goes quickly and trying to do it with a baby in tow while you’re generally tired is much harder than doing it before your sweet bundle arrives.

Your second trimester is an ideal time to get the bulk of this task done because you have energy and you’re not too uncomfortable – yet.

Plus having your house organized will help you feel good while you’re healing from birth – you won’t sweat stuff as much, trust me.

Choose one room to purge every week.

Fun Things To Do During Your Second Trimester

Second trimester pregnancy get done list


Pregnancy journals are a cool way to keep memories of things you may not remember later on.

How you felt during your pregnancy, how you decided on a name, how becoming a momma made you feel, and the list goes on.

To this day, I read through the pregnancy journal I kept for my daughter’s pregnancy and I love it.

I find myself giggling.

(I chose this journal for those of you who ask me 🙂 )


Self-care might just be one of the most important things on your second trimester to do list.

Most of the focus is on getting ready for your baby but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find time to pamper yourself.

Here is a list of simple self-care ideas for moms (and, momma, motherhood starts when you’re pregnant).


Becoming a momma brings a lot of questions with it, am I right?

It’s a joyous time but boy can it leave you wondering how you will handle everything.

I’m working on an ultimate list of pregnancy reading but here are a few titles to get you started.

The Magic of Motherhood

The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year


Just a bit of advice for buying maternity clothes – DO NOT go overboard.

You’re getting simple pieces to take you through a brief time in your life not building a new wardrobe, okay momma?

Plus, maternity clothes are often pricey (yes, there are ways to save money, don’t worry) so that should deter you from going too crazy.

Look at buying the staples for the season you’ll be pregnant.


Seems having an entire party to reveal the sex of your baby is a hot thing to do these days.

The second trimester is the perfect time to host a gender reveal party if that’s your kind of thing.


When you feel that first sweet baby kick it’s almost kind of magical, you know?

You’re growing a tiny human and now here’s the proof they’re part of you – well for the next few months anyway.

If this is your first pregnancy, watch out for love taps, a fluttery feeling or the sensation of something sweeping their hand across your belly – that’s your baby, momma!

(Most mommas feel their babies by 25 weeks).


I found the second trimester is the right time to shoot some maternity photos.

Your belly is showing but you don’t feel like a beached whale yet.

If you haven’t already, research a photographer and set a time to snap some pics!


You may have already started weekly bump photos but if you haven’t, start during the second trimester.

It’s where you’ll see the most noticeable belly growth anyway!


Plan a date night with your spouse and then plan another one, haha!

It’s not that you will never ever go on another date night, it’s just that finding the time will be harder for a bit.

So take advantage now. 🙂


If you’re able to afford a babymoon then definitely plan one.

And, it doesn’t mean you need to fly to some far off country to babymoon, okay?

(Plus if you do decide to travel to another country – especially a warm climate – you need to check for any travel advisories for pregnant mommas).

The second trimester is an ideal time for a babymoon – your belly isn’t huge and you still have energy. 🙂


Well, momma, that’s pretty well it for the second trimester to do list.

As always, take your time crossing things off your pregnancy to do list, okay?

The most important task on any getting ready for the baby to do list is taking care of yourself.

What are you crossing off on your second trimester to do list?

Do you feel I missed anything?

I would love to hear from you!

Let me know in the comments.